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I woke up and born again in new world. But I have pain in mu stomach. Because I'm hunger. I had a plane to go out and to buy new suit for new job. I bought one new slim one which fit me properly first time. İn the middle of day I decide also go to intermediary firm to learn when they are inviting me for job interview. I saw first elegant woman wears black dress and open-top shoes. When I went into the office, old doorkeeper was sitting on the desk. He listened me with straight face. I try to talk my situation three times. Finally he understand me and request me to wait for clerk. Meanwhile a few young people make an effort to fill the form. Anybody even recognize me. Anyway one come from next floor, this woman like the clerk who I interviewed but she was not her. She instantly understand we did not meet each other before. She receive my name and surname. But I sure that he did not understand my surname. Generally they confuse my surname because it contains Ğ. They understand as y or l. Anyway she went and the clerk who I met come. -Actually doorkeeper said that she was now very busy and have to wait so long- she look calm but she was ready to devastate my our speech. nonetheless she was kind and gave me promise that If they did not chose my application due to some technical reasons they would not have called me. That is the last sentence. What could I say after this sentence. yes I went to home and than I looked the clock and decided to go book fair. First I I found the waiting stop in front of university. I traveled with a young lady. She had old brown leather suitcase. I think she was architecture. Because she constantly drew  triangle on a pocket notebook. Sometimes this triangle turned into one stair. She bothered from sun shine. At that moment I her her voice. it is very sensitive and little bit desirous. As a result all my windows view was closed. Bus stopped. one Chinese man asked driver to departure time. So he reminded me time again. The driver rebuffed him. I wish to thank you for his question. But it was not worth to bothering him in the stressful time. While I was following him, I was thinking say that. And then I lost him in the crowd. I felt myself in there as long one. On every corner school boy and girl were running and walking. I saw few adult people.  I bought my ticket and went into door which was actually for exit. One attendant was forced to open reversely. The huge book fair was standing in front of me. I just said one thing. I did not like the book fair although I love the books so much. 2 hours later I scarcely find the bus. It was preparing to depart early. this time there was just empty space near a old cold woman. she said anyway. I did not understand anyway. We came while listening local history from one middle age man asking  and old man with a hat answer. And here is my pretty home and loneliness. maybe now I can try to read new book. But I don't like it also because of their bad translation.

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Dynamism Of A Day, posted November 20th, 2012

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